While you’re checking out who I am,
I’ll be creatively fulfilling who I am becoming!

One afternoon when I was a teenage lad, my father, a.k.a “Pop,” drafted me into his world of work. As we labored side-by-side, aware was I that “Pop” was not his usual talkative self. Pop’s quiet seemed to scream in comparison to the quiet within the room to which we had set ourselves prepping before our painting of it.

Time seemed to pass ever so slowly until that very moment when Pop placed his ladder beneath the ceiling light fixture, he being intent on its’ removal. Grasping the ladder with his hands, he then slowly placed his left foot on the first rung, and began raising himself to the second rung, when he suddenly paused. He turned his head, and he still distant within his silence, looked directly at me for about thirty seconds. Slightly cocking his head, with his eyes locked on to me, he then asked, “Richard, what do you plan to do with your life?”

Deep inside me I knew I was being called forth to provide my moment of truth. So, I looked at Pop directly, and informed him; “I am going to be an artist!”

With his eyes still locked upon me, not a muscle on him twitched, it was as if time were suspended as he simply and quietly contemplated. A few seconds passed before Pop uttered the best advice I have ever been given! Pop’s love was a timely to the point response... “Richard, what ever you choose to become, or you choose to do, be absolutely sure that you passionately love it, because my son you’ll be doing both for one hell of a long time!”

It is ironic that Pop’s very big question prompted within me my courage to claim my voice, which has illuminated my life’s path and still to this day welcomes me. Decades have now passed and so has Pop, as for me, my chin whiskers are white, but my path chosen and claimed that afternoon, has always been and will always be my creative gift to myself.

I honor my father and that pivotal insightful moment back in time each time I elect to honor my creative self. Richard A. Conroy walks his talk by living creatively large! I am Richard A. Conroy: a creative visual artist, a graphic designer, an illustrator, and an educator, who is into inspiring lifetime learning through personal achievement for others and myself!

Through creative self-discovery, renewal rewards me intellectually and emotionally, plus the added bonus is I continually creatively blossom. Filled with irresistible, unstoppable urges to create and communicate, my fierce determination relentlessly commands me to embrace all sources that nourish my life and soul. For me, our mother planet is “nature and host” to our “humanities’ culture(s),” which I willingly and creatively embrace.

Nature + Culture equally inform my outer physical world and my inner world via unexpected inspiration that ignite and move me passionately. When inspiration grabs me, I undertake a private moment of reflection as preparation for the joy of creating drawings, paintings and assemblages. On offer for your viewing within the galleries of this website are the legacy of my time well invested.

While you’re viewing my offerings, please know that I am continuing along my creative path that always bids me ever onwards towards my emerging self. If you find yourself moved intellectually and emotionally by what you experience as you view the galleries, make a point to return often, or consider availing yourself via the contact page through which you may share your insights and thoughts. As I continue onwards, I promise that the creative surprises that await me, will upon completion be waiting for you here. In anticipation of reading your comments, I’ll now continue the creative process of becoming...

Richard A. Conroy